Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam

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The influential Impressionist painter Frederick Childe Hassam was born in Boston in . As a child, he attended the oldest public elementary school in the country, The Mather School, where his inherent artistic talent was first apparent. After leaving high school before graduating, he worked as an engraver and a draftsman during the late s. In the early s, Hassam worked as a freelance illustrator; his work appeared in multiple publications, including Harper’s Weekly. He took drawing and painting classes, but by that time his preference for watercolor had overtaken other media. It was through his studies at the Boston Art Club that Hassam traveled to Europe—first for two months in the summer of —to study and produce art, a trip that would prove formative.

Just three years after his initial trip to Europe, Hassam returned to settle in an apartment in Paris’s ninth arrondissement; he would eventually occupy the former studio of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, though the two never met. Hassam enrolled in formal drawing classes at the Académie Julian, studying briefly under Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Gustave Boulanger before withdrawing from the school to pursue his own path of self-guided study. Well-known for his street scenes depicting everyday life in cities like Boston, Paris, and New York, Hassam also withdrew regularly from these urban environments, spending his summers in the idyllic retreat of Appledore Island off the coast of Maine. His keen observations of these environments and his masterful rendering of them cemented his place in Impressionist history; he continued a prodigious output of paintings, watercolors, and drawings until his death in .

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Hassam’s Impressionistic landscapes have timeless market appeal, borne out by Freeman’s many successes in selling his work at auction. The Walk Around the Island, an coastal landscape, far exceeded its pre-sale estimate to achieve $430,000 in . White Church, Provincetown, completed in , brought $370,000 in

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Childe Hassam is known for being a leader of the Impressionist movement in America.

Impressionists used small brushstrokes to emphasize the color, light, and movement that they observed. Impressionist paintings give a sense of movement through time; frequently feature cityscapes, waterscapes, and floral subject mater; and were frequently painted outdoors.

Childe Hassam was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Childe Hassam studied art through the Boston Art Club and later joined the Académie Julian. During his later time in Paris, he occupied the former studio of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Childe Hassam was born in  and died in 

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