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21st Sep, 2022 11:00 EST






Freeman’s September 21 Books and Manuscripts auction is led by an extremely rare first edition of New Englands First Fruits, a 1643 account of Puritan evangelization in New England, featuring the first printed mention of Harvard College—and the first copy to be offered at auction in over 20 years. Also on offer is a rare and beautiful edition of L. Frank Baum’s most famous work, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the inspiration for the classic 1939 film. The auction brings several important pieces of American history to market, including a poignant 1964 letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a supporter, a scarce copy of the 1957 comic book Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story, and a very rare 1683 document issued by the Free Society of Traders in Pennsylvania. With a fine selection of prints by John J. Audubon, works by or about Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Edouard Manet, among others, and manuscript sheet music, rare pamphlets, and signed books and letters from Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Thelonious Monk, and Patti Smith, Books and Manuscripts is a wonderful opportunity for collectors of music and art material. Works by Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Walt Whitman, Sabine Baring-Gould, and Joseph Conrad make this inaugural auction of the Fall 2022 sale season an unmissable event.

Name: Darren Winston
Telephone: 267.414.1247

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Books and Manuscripts (8)


Lot 112
[Prints] Audubon, J(ohn). J(ames). Band-tailed Pigeon

Sold for $4,095
Estimated at $4,000 - $6,000

Lot 113
[Prints] Audubon, John James Barred Owl

Sold for $5,040
Estimated at $800 - $1,200

Lot 114
[Prints] Audubon, John J(ames). Golden-winged Woodpecker

Sold for $6,930
Estimated at $5,000 - $8,000

Lot 116
[Prints] Audubon, John James Red headed Woodpecker

Sold for $5,355
Estimated at $2,000 - $3,000

Lot 117
[Prints] Audubon, J(ohn). J(ames). White-crowned Pigeon

Sold for $4,095
Estimated at $3,000 - $5,000

Lot 118
[Prints] Audubon, J(ohn). J(ames). Yellow Shank

Sold for $3,024
Estimated at $2,000 - $3,000

Lot 119
[Prints] Audubon, J(ohn). J(ames). Zenaida dove

Sold for $2,520
Estimated at $1,200 - $1,800


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