Adam Veil

Adam Veil

VP, Business Development | Specialist, Fine Art Department


Adam Veil serves as a Fine Art Specialist and Vice President of Business Development at Freeman’s. Veil joined Freeman’s in 2021 following years of experience in both the auction world and the academy. His area of specialization is pre-WWII American Art, although he has lectured and published on topics ranging from Mexican landscape painting and Old Master printmaking to art market economics.

Veil earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in art history from Penn State University and pursued doctoral studies at Indiana University Bloomington. Prior to joining Freeman’s, Veil was Head of Fine Art at a Washington, D.C.-area auction house, and Executive Director of the Santa Fe Art Auction, where he oversaw market-setting auctions of classical and contemporary Western, Southwestern, and California art. He has also held positions in provenance research, art fair operations, and as editor and producer of The Conversation, a popular Los Angeles–based contemporary art podcast. Concurrent with his role at Freeman’s, Adam is a professor at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses in Renaissance, Modern, and American art history.

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In His Own Words ...

What's the most rewarding part of working in the auction industry?

I'm privileged to work with unique and beautiful objects, but there's also a real humanity to the auction industry. The personal connections, a shared enthusiasm for the past, the social and cultural histories these objects illuminate—that's what I admire most.


If you could own any object Freeman's has sold, which would it be?

Lately, it's a tie between two paintings—Edwin Lord Weeks's Market Scene, Lahore, and Louis Rémy Mignot’s On the Guayaquil River. Not only are they visually stunning, they're invitations to places and perspectives wildly different from my own!