Adrianne Wolkenberg

Adrianne Wolkenberg

Associate Specialist I Business Manager I Modern and Contemporary Art


Adrianne Wolkenberg joined Freeman's in 2019 as Business Manager for the Fine Arts Department and began as Cataloguer for Modern and Contemporary Art the following year. She previously coordinated care and logistics for a prominent private contemporary art collection for 15 years, while also performing research for special exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

She has authored several articles on modern and contemporary art in exhibition catalogues including Cézanne and Beyond and Embracing the Contemporary: The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection, both published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Wolkenberg holds a master's degree in modern art from Columbia University and graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University, where she studied the history of art.



In Her Own Words ...


What's the most rewarding part of working in the auction industry?

Bringing fresh art to the market, particularly a work that has been in a private family collection and has not been previously researched. We have offered paintings at auction that experts on an artist had been previously unable to locate, that have surfaced and have been of great interest to experts and authenticators, as well as to buyers and appreciators of the artist's work. It's like uncovering a mystery!


What part of your job makes you get out of bed and come to work in the morning?

I love that my job is different every day; there is no "typical day" in an auction house. Every day brings a new painting to examine, a new artist to research, new provenance connections to be made. There is so much detective work to be done, and I find the discovery of new information about a favorite family heirloom to be very rewarding.