Kate Della Monica

Kate Della Monica G.G.

Specialist | G.G.


Kate Della Monica serves as a Specialist in Freeman’s Jewelry and Watch Department. Ms. Della Monica joined Freeman’s in January of 2018. Before Freeman’s, she worked as an assistant director of a small local art dealing business, where she discovered her love for auction and fine jewelry. After meeting with several specialists over the years, Ms. Della Monica decided to pursue a Graduate Gemologist certificate, which she is still working on today.

Ms. Della Monica attended school locally in Philadelphia, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3-D Fine Art at Moore College of Art & Design. Having a fine art background has served as a means of personal exploration and catharsis for Ms. Della Monica. In addition to interest in visual arts and jewelry, she enjoys writing and playing music, which allows her to travel around the country with her bandmates and best friends.

In their own words...


How has your role at Freeman's shifted over time?

My role has shifted tremendously during my four and a half years at Freeman's. I started as a departmental administrator in the jewelry department, which was my first real introduction to fine jewelry. In between handling client services and correspondence, throughout my first year at Freeman's I learned a lot about the jewelry industry from the department head. We would go on appointments together, from estate appraisals to dealer's offices. I spent a lot of time looking over her shoulder and learning as much as I could that year; I was then promoted to a cataloguing position.

From there, she started sending me inquiries and asking me to price them based on comparables. It was always exciting when she would send me something unique or difficult to research; it felt like we were working together on coming up with an estimate. Over time I continued to hone my skills and was granted the title of specialist. My experience at Freeman's has given me a lot of confidence in my abilities, and I still have a lot to learn.


What's the most exciting part about visiting, performing valuations, and connecting with clients?

To me, the most exciting part about connecting with clients is hearing about the connection people have with their jewelry. I love to hear the emotion in a client's voice when they talk about how sentimental their items are. It's nice to be able to reassure them that a potential buyer will get to enjoy the piece even further and carry on the legacy.


If you could own any object Freeman's has sold, which would it be?

If I could own a single item we've sold, it would be Nursing Madonna by the Master of the Embroidered Foliage. I remember when the painting first came in, I hadn't taken a look at it yet and didn't understand why it was so important; I even asked Alasdair. He told me to look closely at it, because every time he looked at it he found something new. I took his advice: every day I walked past it in the gallery, I would stop and scan the painting. The fabric was undeniably beautiful. I was hypnotized by it. The day it sold, I decided to name my band's new album after it.