Laura Sevelis

Laura Sevelis

Head of Sale, British and European Furniture and Decorative Arts


Laura Sevelis is an Associate Specialist in the British & European Furniture & Decorative Art department. Since joining Freeman's in 2019, she has helped develop themed sales that span several centuries and include both decorative and fine arts.

Prior to joining Freeman's, Laura was a member of curatorial teams at museums including the Barnes Foundation, Science History Institute, and Dallas Museum of Art, among others. In these positions, she was responsible for the research and interpretation of art, primarily in relation to exhibitions of nineteenth- and twentieth-century French art, including the recent exhibitions Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray, Berthe Morisot: Woman Impressionist, and Bouquets: French Still-Life Painting from Chardin to Matisse. Laura received a Master's degree in art history from the University of Delaware, with a focus on collecting histories in northern Europe across the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


In their own words...


What's the most rewarding part of working in the auction industry?

The best part of working at auctions is handling so many different pieces. From ancient bronzes and eighteenth-century French furniture to modern silver, I work with pieces disparate in age and geographic origin. It is a great privilege to learn about such a variety and volume of pieces, and every day is an opportunity to learn about something new.


What's the most exciting part about visiting, performing valuations, and connecting with clients?

I most enjoy seeing how clients live with their art and antiques, learning about the history and rituals behind pieces and how they fit within a larger composed interior. It is wonderful to see antiques being used in everyday life, as they were intended, and as an expression of the client's interests and taste.


If you could own any object Freeman's has sold, which would it be?

My favorite piece that I've handled at Freeman's is an ancient Egyptian bronze figure of a seated cat; it has a spectacularly beautiful patina and an elegant form. I think it would be amazing to own a piece that is ancient and entrenched in so much history, while simultaneously so attractive.