Feb 7 2017 10.00am to Feb 24 2017 5.00pm


Eagle Village Shops

503 W Lancaster Ave


Exhibitions on the Main Line | The Art of GuoHua: An Expression of Traditional Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy

Chinese Brush Painting, or GuoHua, is a unique art form with an ancestral lineage currently tracing back as far as 200 AD.  Though seemingly similar to the watercolor medium, the practice of GuoHua characteristically sets itself apart by culminating certain methods and materials that ultimately presents a striking visual impact very different from typical Western art forms today.

Freeman’s Main Line is pleased to showcase selected works by artist and educator Huangxin “Derek” Wang along with various artists from the Guanghua Chinese School.  The exhibition will include selected  calligraphic and brush painting works that best illustrate the time-honored traditional format of GuoHua.   A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Guanghua Chinese Association; a local non-profit that aims to educate individuals of all ages (through the Guanghua Chinese School (GHCS) and Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center (GPCCC) who appreciate and aim to preserve the diversity of Chinese culture through various forms in art, language and cultural study.

The Art of GuoHua: An Expression of Traditional Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy
Tuesday, February 7 - Friday, February 24
Gallery Hours: 10am – 5pm Monday through Friday

For more information about this exhibition or Freeman's Main Line:
Lisa DiCarlo | 610.254.9700 | ldicarlo@freemansauction.com

For more information about the artists or appointment visits, please contact
Jennifer Yuan | 215.588.8992 | jyuanzheng@yahoo.com
Guanghua Chinese School | guanghuaart@gmail.com | 267.388.0964

Featured artist(s) -  Artist and educator, Huangxin ("Derek") Wang, will display a collective of ink works on rice paper that exemplifies the Chinese traditional art form of GuoHua.   While inheriting the ancient practice from his artistically renowned father (Master Wang, Lanruo (1911-2015)), Derek modernizes this art form in his series of works.  Since 2010, he has been teaching Chinese Painting classes in GuangHua Chinese School. The art program consists of classes for children and adults and has proved to be popular since its launch.  The exhibition will also feature selected student artist’s works from the Guanghua Chinese School.

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