One Thousand Years of Collecting

Jeffrey M. Kaplan is the definition of a true renaissance man; Kaplan’s remarkable taste is coupled with an insatiable curiosity regarding all things cultural. While many collectors choose to focus only on one area of collecting, Jeffrey Kaplan’s life and experiences have led him to work with many. He acquired the works of artists in depth and aspired to create a collection of collections: Chinese ceramics, 20th century design, European furniture & decorative arts, Art Glass of the 19th-21st centuries, American modernist works on paper as well as European prints. This passion for collecting has allowed Jeffrey Kaplan to assemble an astonishing body of works in many media, that spans 1,000 years.
Jeffrey Kaplan was raised in an artistic and cultured family. He graduated from the University of Michigan where he studied Art History and English literature before attending Yale Law School. He began collecting in earnest in his thirties, and was intensely involved in the cataloguing, physical care, and presentation of his collection. Transcending the role of collector, Jeffrey Kaplan has served as his own curator: hanging, re hanging, and even acquiring adjunct spaces in order to live with his entire collection within his residence.

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It is rare for an auction house to have the opportunity to offer a collection of such breadth, quality, and diversity that it justifies a title such as One Thousand Years of Collecting, but in this sale of over 500 works of fine and decorative arts carefully acquired by Jeffrey Kaplan, the title is more than justified. It is with the greatest pleasure that  Freeman’s presents One Thousand Years of Collecting; The Jeffrey M. Kaplan Collection at auction.

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