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Freeman's is excited to invite consignments of musical instruments for our upcoming auction. 


Older Italian Instruments by Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, Guadagnini, Bergonzi, Montagnana, Gofriller, Tononi, Grancino, Testore, Gagliano, Deconet, Landolfi, Pressenda, Rocca, Ceruti

20th Century Italian Instruments by Antoniazzi, Bisiach, Poggi, Fiorini, Ornati, Garimberti, Fagnola, Oddone, Sgarabotto, Pedrazzini, Degani, Farotti, Capicchioni

French Instruments by Vuillaume, Lupot, Bernardel, Silvestre, Blanchard, Piqué, Chanot, Miremont, Hel, Maucotel, Cunault, Germain, Blanchard, Millant

English Instruments by Parker, Panormo, Boullangier, Lott, Fendt, Betts, Voller, W.E Hill, Hudson, Wilkinson

German Instruments by Kloz, Todt, Knorr, Roth, Heberlein, Gütter

French Bows by Tourte, Peccatte, Persoit, Pajeot, Adam, Maire, Eury, Lupot, Henry, Simon, Maline, Voirin, Sartory, Lamy, Ouchard, Vigneron, Fétique, Morizot, Bazin, Millant

English Bows by Tubbs, Dodd, W.E. Hill and Sons, Panormo, Wilson, Bultitude

German Bows by Nürnberger, Pfretzschner, Knopf, Hoyer, Bausch, Prell 

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