All About Pop Art

07/03/2018     News and Film

Emerging in the mid 1950s, Pop Art challenges traditional notions of fine art and finds inspiration from contemporary, commonplace objects, ads and mass media. It first appeared in London after several artists and architects met at the Institute of Contemporary Arts to discuss the affect of pop culture on their respective crafts. Soon thereafter, British Pop Art exhibitions cropped up featuring trailblazing artists like David Hockney, who was later moved to California and is attributed for introducing Pop Art to the West Coast.Meanwhile in New York, artists like Tom Wesselmann, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol were paving Pop Art 's way into history. Favoring bold primary colors and straightforward imagery, their work reflected current popular culture, inviting humor and posing larger questions about the role of consumerism in American society.Other notable artists associated with the Pop Art movement include Roy Lichtenstein, Wayne Thiebaud, Keith Haring, Willem de Kooning, Alex Katz and more.Movement of the Week highlights important styles of art and the personalities who shaped them. The fine examples featured each week are a testament to Freeman 's experience and its expansive team of specialists. From Abstract Expressionism to Surrealism and beyond, follow along with @freemansauction across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter for your weekly dose of fine art insight.#MOTW