Lot 62 | N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945), "Rebel Jerry and Yankee Jake", oil on canvas, $200,000-300,000


An undeniable frontrunner of the auction will be N.C. Wyeth’s Rebel Jerry and Yankee Jake, a 1931 oil depicting a ferocious knife fight between two twin brothers. The painting served as an illustration for John Fox, Jr.’s The Little Shepherd from Kingdom Come, a best-selling novel published by the renowned publishing company Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1903. Set in the vast Kentucky mountains during the American Civil War, the oil captures the highly anticipated fight between the Dillon brothers, who grew estranged as one embraced the Union’s side, and the other chose to remain a Rebel and fight alongside the South.


Lot 138 | Daniel Garber (1880-1958), "By the River", oil on canvas, $200,000-300,000


Another notable highlight from the Pennsylvania Impressionists section of the sale is Daniel Garber’s By the River, a dazzling view of the Delaware River executed in 1929. Long unrecorded, the work resurfaces from a collection in Arkansas with a prestigious provenance. It represents a pivotal work for the artist and an important stylistic change in Garber’s career, marked by a new level of sophistication in his use of color and light, and by a bold taste for highly structured compositions. 


Lot 83 | Hans Hofmann (1880-1966), "Jeanette Carles (Mrs. Herbert Matter), oil on panel, $50,000-80,000


Among the many 19th century pieces on offer, the sale will also showcase a sizable section of Modern works from the mid-20th century, including a surrealist scene by Peter Blume, and a portrait of Mercedes Matter by Hans Hoffman, which the artist executed in Gloucester in 1934.

Lot 88 | Romare Bearden (1911-1988), "New York Scenes", watercolors on paper, $20,000-30,000


Of particular note amongst several works by Romare Bearden is New York Scenes, a series of 23 watercolors depicting various views of New York City, completed in 1979 for John Cassavetes’ film Gloria. 



Lot 25 | Louis Rémy Mignot (1831-1870), "Incense Breathing Morn. - Gray's Elegy (On the Guayaquil River), oil on canvas, $40,000-60,000


Also presented are newly-rediscovered lots; namely a stunning landscape by Louis Rémy Mignot, which has been kept in the same collection of a Roman family for more than 75 years, Incense Breathing Morn. – Gray’s Elegy ; and L’Amour Ménétrier (or Pupils of Love or Cupid, the Fiddler), a fine early work by Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1877, long thought to be lost.

Lot 152 | Mary Elizabeth Price (1877-1965) "Hollyhocks and Delphinium Screen", oil with gold and silver leaf on Masonite, $50,000-80,000


A large focus on female artists will be made, especially through a pastel counterproof by Mary Cassatt, which the artist executed in Paris in the early 1900s under the influence of Edgar Degas, four snow scenes by Fern Coppedge, and three works by Mary Elizabeth Price, including the magnificent Hollyhocks and Delphinium Screen made with gold and silver leaf and depicting a lovely floral motif throughout.

Other highlights include an imposing view of a sailor by John George Brown, a quintessential beach scene by Edward Henry Potthast, two exceptional watercolors by Charles Demuth, Cyclamen and Zinnias, both from the prominent collection of Philip A. Bruno. In addition, the sale will feature an oil study for a painting by William Glackens entitled Nude Drying Hair, and a group of five works by Susette Keast, three of them consigned through the artist’s grand-daughter.


American Art & Pennsylvania Impressionists

Auction December 8

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