The Brooch is Back!

Retro brooches have returned to the spotlight

A suite of retro brooches from the collection of a prominent Philadelphia lady will be offered in the May 19 Jewelry and Watches auction. Discover why you need to add this statement piece to your jewelry collection. 

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To be offered may 19

Retro gemset brooches from the Colllection of a Prominent Philadelphia Lady

retro gold and gemset brooches on black fabric


A Modern Take on a Luxury Fashion Staple

Brooches are making a significant comeback. Today, the statement brooch is commonly worn by both women and men of varying ages, as well as by royalty, politicians, and celebrities on the red carpet. Most recently, Lady Gaga donned a dramatic, giant gold brooch of a dove holding an olive branch during the 46th Presidential Inauguration.


History and Design

Gold, manipulated in various ways, became the quintessential jewelry metal of this decade. Copper was used as an alloy with yellow gold resulting in the popular rose or pink–gold color, while other alloys were used to create alternate color schemes, such as yellow and green. Multiple shades were often incorporated into the same piece to add dimension and visual interest. Gold could also be woven, braided and coiled, and various textures and finishes were juxtaposed to accentuate and increase the complexity of the design. 

Some of the brooches were convertibles and could also be worn as double clips, or earrings. Worn singly or in pairs, these clips were often designed to attach to a bracelet, necklace, hair clip or other device. The double clip–brooch was first introduced by Cartier in 1927, and their versatility ensured their popularity well into the 1950s.

Historically, brooches were most commonly pinned to the left lapel of a coat or blazer. Today’s sartorial freedoms, however, allow for much more creative placements, including in clusters, along a pocket, in the hair, as well as affixed to accessories such as hats, bags, and scarves, making these eye–catching pieces a most useful addition to any jewelry collection.




Jewelry and Watches

Auction May 19, 12PM EDT


Consignments to this auction will be accepted through March 24



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