Extremely Rare Toy "Coasting Bank" Offered at Freeman's

11/01/2013     News and Film

The one of a kind toy bank sold for $30,000 at Freeman's American Furniture, Folk & Decorative arts in November of 2013. “This is the only known example of this bank attributed to the famous toy designer Charles A. Bailey, and it is in very good condition. Before now, this bank had only been seen in an advertisement from 1884, " said Americana Department Head Lynda CainF.H. Griffith, in his article "Coasting Bank” published in the April 1955 issue of Hobbies Magazine, chronicles William J. Stackhouse's discovery of an advertisement for the Coasting Bank in Ehrich 's Fashion Quarterly from 1884. According to Griffith, "this bank is not known to be in any collection and the catalogue offers us our first information about it.