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The inaugural issue of a new magazine

Freeman's announces the inaugural issue of a new magazine...

11/10/2020     News and Film

2020 will long be remembered as a challenging and trans-formative year for all of us. In these difficult times, our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and we are grateful to all of those in the healthcare sector and to other essential workers for their heroic efforts on our behalf.


As with so many other businesses and industries, the unprecedented developments over the last few months have meant profound changes for Freeman's. We are fortunate, though, that as a company entering its third century, the key to our longevity has been our ability to adapt and pivot swiftly in the face of adversity and rapid change.


When confronted by this immense challenge, I am appreciative of our exceptional staff, who have risen once again to the occasion with their characteristic energy and verve, and of our clients, both local and abroad, who adapted alongside us, willingly and readily acclimating to our new policies, procedures and systems.





In spite of, and in many ways because of, trying circumstances, we have truly entered a new and exciting era in auctioneering. Our newly redesigned magazine is emblematic of the many changes that we have implemented over the past few months, and you can read about other recent developments - such as online auctions, virtual catalogues and new sale categories - on the pages within. Please stay tuned for other innovations and announcements over the coming months as we continue to grow and embrace the new 'normal.'


What I hope Freeman's new magazine also clearly conveys is the deep gratitude and respect our company has for Philadelphia, the city that we have called home since 1805. Freeman's has a uniquely close alliance with Lyon & Turnbull, the United Kingdom's premier independent auction house, and a well-established, international reach with an extensive global network of clients, but we are, first and foremost, Philadelphia's auction house and are fiercely proud of it. You will see this pride reflected amongst these pages and also in future issues as we focus increasingly upon our city and its extraordinary and diverse arts and culture community.


I hope that you enjoy this inaugural issue of Freeman's Magazine: The Eye and that the next time that I write we will be living in a safer and healthier world. In the meantime, please stay well.




Alasdair Nichol







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