All acquired directly from the artist’s daughter, Rhodia Dufet-Bourdelle, the bronzes offer a glimpse into the genius of one of the most talented pupils of Auguste Rodin. They also speak for the long-lasting fascination that their owner, Mr. Robert Becker, had for Beethoven. “We could not be more excited to foster such a unique event” says chairman Alasdair Nichol. “What better way to celebrate Beethoven’s legacy than through the sculptures of Antoine Bourdelle — one of the artists who was the most influenced by the music, and overall persona, of the composer.” The October sale will be their first-ever appearance at auction, having never been on the market or exhibited before.



Variations on a Theme: 12 Bronzes of Ludwig van Beethoven by Antoine Bourdelle

Auction October 21, 10 AM EDT

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