Gender-Neutral Jewelry: Breaking Boundaries in Style

The accessories that deserve a place on your wishlist

The accessories that deserve a place on your wishlist

12/03/2021     News and Film, Jewelry and Watches, Luxe


Categories of gender are undergoing an overhaul—and self-expression is revolutionizing too. As younger generations in particular cast aside rulebooks about who can wear what, designers are following suit. From Versace to Marc Jacobs, major luxury brands are releasing gender-neutral clothing lines and styling ambitiously with earrings, necklaces, and more.

With this clear market trend—as The Jewelry Magazine reports, there has been a 228% rise in demand for genderless jewelry over the past year—the message is simple: jewelry is for everyone. Freeman’s December 9 Luxe: Boutique Jewelry offers opportunities to accessorize with confidence, or gift the stylish, boundary-pushing loved ones in your life, this holiday season.



Bold Brooches

From Jason Momoa to Timothée Chalamet, a number of male celebrities have made red carpet appearances in eye-catching brooches over the past several years. “Boys are reclaiming the role of the Regency dandy, exploring jewels to add character and reflect their personality,” writes Carol Woolton for Vogue. “In particular, fine jewelry brooches, pins and clips will be a major trend, fastened to more and more lapels and collars.”

Luxe: Boutique Jewelry features plenty of opportunities to accessorize boldly with brooches. Motifs from the animal kingdom, like a gold, ruby, diamond, and sapphire bee (Lot 7; estimate: $800-1,200), or a diamond, emerald, and ruby frog (Lot 37; estimate: $700-900), add whimsical flair to any outfit. The auction also features fine works of Jaipur enamelware, including one colorful brooch (Lot 73; estimate: $800-1,200), as well as classic diamond pieces, like an elegant diamond and ten karat white gold brooch (Lot 16; estimate: $1,500-2,000).



Holiday Gifts: Pendants, Bracelets, and Earrings

“Men’s jewelry is trending genderless in 2022,” reads a recent Forbes headline—and what better gift than helping someone stay current? Emerging trends like circular pendants make excellent gift options, including an eighteen karat gold pendant centering a 1915 Austro-Hungarian 100 Corona (Lot 22; estimate: $1,200-1,500) or a gold, Jaipur enamel, diamond, emerald, and ruby pendant (Lot 74; estimate: $700-900).

Statement drop earrings suit collectors of all genders, from a pair of nautilus-and-shell Lalaounis gold ear clips (Lot 103; estimate: $1,000-1,500) to a stunning pair of diamond and fourteen karat gold earrings (Lot 62; estimate: $2,500-3,500). Unconventional keepsakes, like a Swiss fourteen karat gold pendant watch (Lot 1; estimate: $1,000-1,500), are highlights of Luxe: Boutique Jewelry; a Victorian fourteen karat gold, turquoise, and ruby bracelet (Lot 5; estimate: $1,500-2,000) forms an eye-catching snake, sure to delight anyone on your list.



Androgynous Accessories

Androgyny is no longer the province of just the wristwatch—all types of accessories help blur the lines between rigid categories. Menswear elements like cufflinks, such as the navy blue and white enamel David Webb pair in Freeman’s upcoming sale, make for a clever and stylish addition to women’s fashion (Lot 70; estimate: $2,500-3,500). The handsome, boxy shape of the Louis Vuitton monogram Sac Plat tote bag brings an edgier, more masculine feel to what’s typically been considered a women’s accessory (Lot 194; estimate: $700-900).

And simple silver and gold can make a bold statement—as in a sunburst-pattern eighteen karat gold and sapphire card case by Cartier (Lot 12; estimate: $3,000-5,000), or a timeless Cartier platinum “Love” band (Lot 122; estimate: $1,000-1,500).




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