Sarabelle Salsburg in the 1970s with her beloved Afghan, treasured even more than her Nakashima collection.

Instinctively drawn to the performing and decorative arts since girlhood, Sarabelle Salsburg first became aware of the unique hand of George Nakashima in 1966. 

Lot 145 | Fine Triple Chest of Drawers, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1966, $30,000-50,000

She promptly drove from her Delaware County home to New Hope, where she became captivated by Nakashima Woodworkers and ordered the Special Triple Dresser (Lot 145), a Mirror (Lot 143), and King-Size Plank Headboard (Lot 144) that have enlivened her bedroom ever since.

Lot 147 | "Conoid" Bench, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1976, $20,000-30,000

Sarabelle had been a dancer in college at Penn State and, briefly, a singer at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. What she saw in Nakashima’s work were pieces that both moved and sang. She expanded her collection a decade later with a Conoid Bench (Lot 147) and four Mira Chairs (Lot 150). 

Lot 146 | Fine and Rare Music Stand, New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1990, $15,000-25,000

A few years later, she acquired a Conoid Dining Table (Lot 149) and four Conoid Chairs (Lot 148), and in 1990, capped her collection by adding a rare Music Stand (Lot 146).

Through the years, visitors to her home marveled at her eye for design and good taste and, in particular, the striking look of her Nakashima works. Never interested in merely surface impressions, she truly lived in her home, its contents an extension of her personality.


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