Step 1: Photography


Take sharp, clear color photographs of the item, preferably in natural light—one photograph of the overall object at full scale and additional photographs of important details such as signatures, maker's marks, major condition issues, etc.

We can't give you an opinion if you send us blurry photos.


Step 2: Description


Prepare a short description of the item, including key informatin such as artist/maker, title, material, dimensions. etc. 

Be sure to measure height, width and depth of all three-dimensional objects. For framed objects, measure the frame and the framed item itself. 


Step 3: Documents


Provide a brief history of the object, including known information related to ownership and exhibition history, along with any related documents such as insurance appraisals and invoices. 


Step 4: Submit


Use our convenient online formor send an email to our consignment coordinator, Kelly Maurer that includes your contact information (email & phone number) so we can get in touch with you. 

Once your materials have been submitted, our specialists will review your pieces and respond within two weeks. If your property is determined appropriate for auction at Freeman's, our specialists will discuss sale date and terms of sale with you. 


Please note:

  • All estimates are subject to revision pending firsthand inspection of the item.

  • Freeman's does not provide auction estimates on items that do not fit our market. However, we will let you know if we are unable to sell your property.