How to Start Collecting Jewelry & Watches: Your Guide to Our Upcoming Luxe Auction

Cartier, David Webb & More

Learn about some of the upcoming highlights in our June 22 Luxe: Boutique Jewels Auction.

06/15/2021     Latest News, News and Film, Jewelry and Watches

Whether you’re a new collector seeking an affordable entry point or a seasoned expert looking for a fresh addition to your collection, Freeman’s auctions offer a range of options. With focused insight from our specialists, our Collector’s Guides help you navigate the market to find the perfect piece. Here, Freeman’s Jewelry and Watches department weighs in on highlights from its upcoming Luxe auction.


Designer Pieces, Approachable Price Points


An eighteen karat gold watch, Cartier

Lot 232 | An eighteen karat gold watch, Cartier, $1,500-2,000


Freeman’s is committed to serving clients at all stages of collecting, and our June 22 Luxe: Boutique Jewels auction offers the ideal opportunity for buyers to establish and grow their jewelry collections. One prominent designer highlight is Lot 232, a Cartier eighteen-karat gold watch with a brown leather Cartier strap. This unusual piece is a standout in part due to its design—the watch face is an elegant oval shape, rather than the iconic, sharp rectangular Tank design that has become synonymous with Cartier watches. Offered at a pre-sale estimate of $1,500-2,000, this watch has both eye-catching appeal and the versatility of an everyday piece.


A pair of eighteen karat gold earrings, David Webb

Lot 116 | A pair of eighteen karat gold earrings, David Webb, $1,500-2,000


Another designer highlight featured in Luxe: Boutique Jewels is a pair of eighteen-karat gold earrings by David Webb, designed as hammered gold half hoop domes, which present an ideal chance for buyers to collect a signed piece of jewelry at an approachable price (Lot 116; estimate: $1,500-2,000). “The design of these earrings is versatile,” says Kate Della Monica GG, Associate Specialist in Freeman’s Jewelry and Watches department. “One can dress them up or down depending on the occasion, and they’ll never go out of style.”


A Diamond-Studded Sale


A diamond and eighteen karat gold pendant

Lot 136 | A diamond and eighteen karat gold pendant, $2,000-3,000


With 236 lots total, Luxe: Boutique Jewels offers plenty of collecting opportunities across a wide range of designs, price points, and time periods—but perhaps no style is better represented in the sale than the classic diamond. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and pendants, over half of the auction’s lots feature diamonds. Two diamond-and-gold necklaces, for instances, are auction highlights: Lot 195, a diamond and fourteen karat gold pendant (estimate: $1,200-1,500), and Lot 136, an elegant diamond and eighteen karat gold pendant (estimate: $2,000-3,000).

As more and more information is made available about the sourcing of “conflict” or “blood” diamonds globally, new and experienced jewelry buyers alike want to know how their purchases play into this phenomenon. In its jewelry auctions, Freeman’s offers diamonds that not only have rich histories, but present alternatives to the purchase of new diamonds, sourced under potentially harmful conditions—for workers’ human and labor rights as well as environmental health and sustainability. Luxe: Boutique Jewels features a number of ethical alternatives for diamond enthusiasts of all stripes, from Lot 201, a gentleman’s diamond ring (estimate: $2,000-3,000) to a diamond and eighteen karat white gold necklace (Lot 9; estimate: $2,000-3,000), and even a simple, brilliant unmounted diamond (Lot 15; estimate: $4,500-6,500).



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