Freeman's is proud to be a sponsor of Leave Out Violence U.S.'s upcoming charity auction, and our Vice Chairman Alasdair Nichol will be taking the stand as the auctioneer for this special evening.  LOVE’s mission is to enable youth who have been affected by violence to create positive change in their lives and become leaders among their peers and in their communities. All proceeds from the IMAGES of LOVE auction on May 11th in New York City support LOVE’s youth activities: after school Media Arts Program, Leadership Training, Leadership Camp, and public school outreach program.

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LOVE has taught me that with film, photography and poetry, my voice can be heard. LOVE has taught me that it is important to take care of yourself.

I have been a member of LOVE since October 2012, and I am from Manhattan. LOVE is important to me because it brings me comfort. I have a safe space not only to speak my mind, but to be myself. A lot of people can’t say that they have a place like this. I appreciate LOVE Andy G., 16, “We have More Hope than We Think,” Part of the Charity Auction benefiting Leave Out Violence U.S.   for giving me the chance to speak about the things that are not spoken about in my home. I’ve learned about feminism, and talking about it at LOVE has given me a lens to look through that was never given to me at home.

Being in LOVE has also really taught me about self-care. People forget to check in with themselves and make sure they’re okay. LOVE has changed my life because when I needed support the most, they were there. I was able to go to Canada to Leadership Camp, and it was such a unique experience, in the best way possible.

I use spoken-word poetry as a creative outlet. I have learned to talk about my experiences and my point of view, and I am always inspired to write poetry. This year in school, all of my grades have been 90 or higher. I want to graduate high school and go to college.

Andy G., 16

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