For Stanley | Dedications to Stanley Bard

04/12/2017     News and Film

Stanley Bard was more than the manager of the Chelsea Hotel. For close to fifty years, he served as gatekeeper to the creative enclave, and was often a patron to the eclectic mix of artists, writers, poets, and musicians who passed through the hotel 's doors through the years. Ed Hamilton, fellow Chelsea resident, wrote in his 2007 book “Legends of the Chelsea Hotel: Living With Artists and Outlaws in New York 's Rebel Mecca,” that, “the most beloved — and enigmatic — character ever to grace the halls of the Chelsea is, of course, our illustrious proprietor, Stanley Bard.”Countless artists who passed through the Chelsea were touched by Bard 's generosity of spirit and his boundless support for their craft. Freeman 's is honored to offer close to a dozen works by artists who dedicated canvases and prints to the hotel 's venerable manager.Lot 15 Corneille (Dutch, 1922-2010) "Irena"Signed and dated 71 bottom right, signed, titled and located 'Hotel Chelsea Room 511 New York' verso  'Hotel Chelsea Room 511 New York'  Lot 22 Pierre Alechinsky (Belgian, B. 1927) UntitledInk signed and dated 1968 bottom left, pencil signed again, dated and dedicated 'pour Stanley Bard avec amitié. N.Y. 9 X 68' bottom right  'pour Stanley Bard avec amitié.'Lot 23 Corneille (Dutch, 1922-2010) "The Green Sofa"Dated 8 Dec. '80, located 'New York' and dedicated, 'For Stanley / cordially Corneille' upper left   'For Stanley / cordially Corneille'  Lot 27 Théo Tobiasse (French, 1927-2012) "Le Rendez-Vous"Dedicated 'avec le meilleurs voeux pour une très heureuse année' on the reverse of the folded sheet  'avec le meilleurs voeux pour une très heureuse année' Lot 32 Martial Raysse (French, B. 1936) EyesSigned, dated 1963 and dedicated 'To Stanley Bard Avec l'amitié de Martial Raysse' verso 'To Stanley Bard Avec l'amitié de Martial Raysse' Lot 63 Tom Wesselmann (American, 1931-2004) "Face #1"Signed and dated 66 on the bottom exterior edge of the canvas, signed again, titled, dated, dedicated 'For Stanley with Affection - Tom Wesselmann,' and inscribed 'Collection Stanley Bard' on stretcher bar verso  'For Stanley with Affection - Tom Wesselmann,'