The Statement Bracelet | A Power Piece

10/27/2016     News and Film

Always trending, the statement bracelet is the perfect power accessory.  It is also one of the most frequently deployed accessories in the modern woman 's fashion arsenal. Carrying substantial visual impact, a bold bracelet choice can complement the entire spectrum of styles—from the elaborate ornamentation of the neo-baroque aesthete to the minimalist stylings of the mid-century modern revivalist. With an emphasis on sound design and quality construction, the statement bracelet is the ideal investment piece. Throughout history, fashion icons have embraced this trend to compliment their personal style. Marlene Dietrich' daring experimentation, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' sophisticated ease and Madonna's innovative spirit were all achieved though the exacting deployment of jaw dropping accessories. Today, trendsetters pull inspiration from a diverse series of style epochs to create visual drama that speaks to the multiplicity of contemporary life.Freeman's November 7 Jewelry & Watches auction includes an impressive selection of statement pieces that are sure to compliment the modern woman 's style. Among the standouts are Lot 52, an eighteen karat gold diamond and platinum bracelet, Tiffany & Co., Lot 164, a ruby and diamond panther bypass bangle, and Lot 142, a diamond, cultured pearl and eighteen karat gold bracelet, Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co.View the Auction Catalogue