Shipping & Receiving

Whether making an appointment to pick-up your recent auction purchase, or bringing in property for consignment, Freeman's shipping and receiving department is available to assist you with transportation arrangements for your fine art, antiques, and jewelry.

Purchases at Auction

Packing and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. To ensure the safety of purchases, Freeman’s requests payment and removal within ten (10) business days of the auction. All inquires related to shipping, receiving and transportation arrangements inquiries may be directed to our Loading Dock Manager, at

As Freeman's does not handle packing or shipping, we are happy to recommend shippers to our clients. For your convenience, refer to our Shipping Information for a list of shippers who have worked with Freeman's clients in the past and who can provide quotes for the packing and shipping of your property. Please note that items not removed within ten (10) business days will be moved to an off-site storage facility at the purchaser's expense. The storage charge is $10 per lot, per day.

To schedule an appointment to use our loading dock for larger items, please contact our Loading Dock Manager, at to schedule a loading dock appointment. Collection hours are Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm.

Third Party

For purchase release to persons not listed on your contract or invoice, third party authorization is required. Please submit a signed letter stating the receipt number and items or sale and lot information and the name of the third party collecting your property to Loading Dock Manager, at or fax at 215.599.2240.

Consignments at Auction

Before the Sale

Property must be on premises far enough in advance of the sale to catalogue, photograph and promote properly – ideally six weeks prior to the sale date. We are happy to assist with transportation arrangements. Packing and freight, duties, moving costs and charges, if any, relating to the delivery of consigned property are the responsibility of the consignor.

After the Sale

Property unsold at the conclusion of the sale must be removed within ten (10) days or re-consigned to Freeman’s for sale. The consignor shall assume all obligations and expenses of removing the property from Freeman’s gallery, including, but not limited to, packing, shipping, insurance, and redelivery (the “Redelivery Expenses”). If the consignor does not re-consign the property, Freeman’s shall hold up to 100% of any proceeds of consignor’s sold property in escrow until the consignor has removed the unsold property from the gallery. If Consignor does not remove the unsold property within ten (10) days following the final day of auction of the Property, Freeman’s shall use the amount held in escrow to pay the redelivery expenses and any commissions, expenses, and other amounts owed to Freeman’s. If consignor does not re-consign the property, any unclaimed goods remaining in Freeman’s possession for more than ten (10) days following the final day of sale of the property are subject to disposal under the terms of any applicable warehousemen’s lien statute, and, in any event, Freeman’s shall have no further obligation or liability to Consignor with respect to any such property. Freeman’s will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or otherwise responsible for any goods remaining in its possession after ten (10) days.

To ensure the safety of your property, Freeman's requests removal within 10 business days of the sale date. Collection hours are Monday - Friday 9:30am-4:30pm. For any pick ups that require use of our loading dock, please email Property Controller Bethany

For further information and confidential advice